Bee-Friend iOS (iPhone/iOS) Series

Basic Series

We now have a Bee-Friend your iPhone/iPad series. Each week we will learn about an iOS app in depth. We will introduce you to things you didn't know that you could do with your iPhone or iPad. All of our sessions are hands-on, so bring your device and we will help you operate your own device. If you don't have an iPhone yet and just want to learn how to use one before deciding to purchase one, we have some on hand for you to use while learning. Every class includes coffee and a handout to take home. This Basic iOS series is 6 weeks long. You can come to any individual session for $20, and if you bring a friend, you both pay only $15. Or you can pay $75 for the entire session. Call 985-873-0107 to register or for more information.

Schedule: Learn how to do the following and more!

10-11:30 am
Introduction to your device and adjusting your settings2/18
Managing Apps and Using the App Store2/25
Using Notes and Reminders4/01
Using your Calendar, Notes, and Reminders Apps4/08
Camera App and Managing your Photos using the Photos App4/22
Managing storage and iCloud4/28

More topics will be added and some of the classes will be repeated as requested.

iReading Series

Whether you want to read books, recipes, or manuals on your iOS device this class is for you.  We will learn about download free books to your device, save recipes from the Internet to a file to read or print later, and store device manuals on your iPhone or iPad to reference on the go.  We will also learn how to listen to audiobooks on our devices.  We will meet for 3 weeks for 1 1/2 hours to learn, laugh, and practice photographing with our iPhones. Each class will begin with instruction followed by practice. Each class will include handouts and coffee.  The cost of this series is $35. Dates: March 20, 27, and April 3.

Bee-Friend iPhotography

Want to learn to take better photos with your iPhone. We now have a Bee-Friend iPhotography. We will learn to maximize the hardware on your iPhone to take great photos of all the things you love to photograph. We will also learn to manage and edit our photos on our phone as well as how to use the iCloud to store and share our photos.

Schedule: Learn how to do the following and more!

1-2:30 pm
Introduction to iPhotography (Hardware)4/24
Organizing (Photos App)5/15
Editting (Photos App & Others)5/22

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