Crafting with Technology

Do you love crafting but struggle with figuring out the computer parts of it? Are do you just want to craft with friends?

Learn to use technology better while enjoying crafts. Now until Christmas we will have weekly crafting sessions. We will have one afternoon class per week and one evening class per week. Everyone is welcomed to bring refreshments to enjoy while crafting.

Each session is $30 and includes everything you need to make a craft and instruction on making it. Or you can pay $125 for all 5 sessions. Space is limited so register early to secure your spot.

Phone Number

The schedule below lets you know what topics we will be covering at each session.

Learn how to do the following and more!

Cutting Board11/2011/16
Holiday Cards11/2911/30
Gift Tags, Boxes and Bows12/0612/07
Iron-on Apron12/1312/14
Holiday Drinkware12/2012/21

More topics will be added and some of the classes will be repeated as requested.

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